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sterilizing infectious diseases and viruses

At First Responders Cleaning and Decon, our Houston decontamination services include germicidal cleaning and disinfecting using EPA approved products that are effective against all viruses and bacteria, including staph, influenza type 1, HIV-1, MRSA, HCV, and Salmonella. The pandemic has increased awareness and focus on the importance of protecting people from infectious disease, including the decontamination of homes and businesses. It’s more important than ever to trust an industry leader in biohazard remediation and germicidal cleaning in Houston.

Viruses can survive on surfaces for extended periods of time, so proper decontamination is critical to slow the spread of these insidious diseases. First Responders Cleaning and Decon has extensive experience in Houston germicidal cleaning and biohazard remediation, and adheres to OSHA regulations and the most advanced procedures in disease cleanup and disinfection, continually consulting with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for effective solutions. We clean, disinfect, and properly dispose of biohazard waste, using personal protective equipment and respirators. Our team understands that disease outbreak is a serious situation, and we take all measures to ensure the safety of the people we serve.

First Responders Cleaning and Decon is locally owned by former law enforcement officers and serves residential and commercial industries, including law enforcement, apartment buildings, hotels, and private residences. We pride ourselves in remaining professional, dependable, and respectful in the work we perform. We adhere to high standards during our Houston germicidal cleaning services and always ensure the environment is safe and properly decontaminated when our work is complete. Serving central and southeast Texas, including the Houston and Austin areas, we’re on call 24/7 for your decontamination needs. To learn more about our Houston germicidal cleaning and decontamination services and financial options, contact us today.

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