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Suicide / HomIcide

According to the CDC, suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States. If you or your family are impacted by this tragedy, we can handle the cleanup so you the family does not have to view the scene.


As part of our Houston decontamination services, we clean out a home and remove any biologically hazardous materials.  We disinfect and decontaminate to help make a home safe to use again.

Air Quality

We deodorize and sanitize the air in an environment containing biohazards through ozone generation which purifies by breaking down odors, microorganisms, and other pollutants at their source.


We clean and disinfect vehicles, including emergency vehicles, which have been exposed to many possible biological contaminants.


Our Houston decontamination services include a one step germicidal cleaning and disinfecting process, with EPA approved products effective against all viruses, including Influenza Type 1, Staph, MRSA, HIV-1, HBV, HCV, Salmonella.

Undiscovered death

After a body has started to decompose, we can help by eliminating biological materials and items causing odors.  We safely disinfect and decontaminate impacted areas during our Houston area hazardous material cleaning services, to render a home safe for the family.

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