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An undiscovered death is a traumatic and potentially dangerous situation. When a body decomposes, hazardous biological substances contaminate the area and the air around it. First Responders Cleaning and Decon safely and thoroughly cleans and disinfects the property and the air, removing all hazardous biological materials with our Houston death cleanup services. We know this is a difficult and emotional situation for the family to deal with, so our team compassionately handles everything so they can begin the mourning process. Our team cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes the area, returning it to a livable and safe condition.

We have extensive experience in Houston death cleanup and biohazard remediation, and serve both residential and commercial industries, such as apartment complexes, hotels, private residences, and law enforcement. First Responders Cleaning and Decon is locally owned by former law enforcement officers, so we have crime scene experience. We are proud to serve veterans and law enforcement in the Houston area. Each member of our team is professional, reliable, and respectful in the work that we perform, because we understand the level of trauma associated with discovering a death. We treat the people we serve with compassion and care during our Houston death cleanup and unattended decomposition services, because we understand how difficult this time can be. Our high standards ensure the environment is properly decontaminated and safe when our work is done.

We serve the Houston area, and central and southeast Texas as far as Austin. If you need professional services to deal with an undiscovered death, reach out to us today. We can discuss next steps and financial options, and we’re on call 24/7.

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