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Vehicles that have been involved in accidents where serious injuries or fatalities have occurred, and emergency vehicles that transport seriously injured victims, are often exposed to biological contaminants. At First Responders Cleaning and Decon, we have the knowledge and experience to properly decontaminate these vehicles. Our Houston vehicle decontamination technicians have the skills to properly disassemble automobiles for thorough cleaning of all affected areas, and then skillfully reassemble the vehicle to manufacturers’ specifications. We are experts in properly cleaning and decontaminating vehicles in Houston, so they’re safe to use once again.

First Responders Cleaning and Decon serves residential and commercial industries, including private residences, apartment buildings, hotels, and law enforcement agencies. Locally owned by former law enforcement officers, our team has extensive crime scene experience and we work with veterans and local law enforcement. Our staff is dependable, professional, and respectful in the work we perform, and we treat the people we serve with compassion and care. We adhere to high standards and ensure that our Houston ambulance cleaning and the vehicle decontamination work is done right.

First Responders Cleaning and Decon serves central and southeast Texas, from Houston to Austin. If you need professional Houston vehicle decontamination services, contact us today. We’re here to serve you 24/7.

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